vission and mission


For activating the scientific research role and connecting it to the industry for solving the problems according to the industry demand (Demand & Delivery).

 In addition to supporting the innovation and technology in the fields of priority according to the national vision reaching to entrepreneurship by developing existing industrial companies work (Spin off) and creating small and medium industries Based on this viewpoint the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology launched the initiative to establish a group of specialized offices for Technology Innovation and Commercialization (TICO) in the research and industrial clusters that include:

  • Technology Transfer Office (TTO)
  • Grant and International Cooperation Office (GICO)
  • Technology Innovation Support (TISC)


Activation and support universities, research centers, research and development centers of the industrial clusters, productive companies, the governmental and the private development sectors and the excellence centers for solving the industry problems and upgrading technology.

The scientific management of these offices which work on transferring and adaptation the results of research, studies, inventions and discoveries to the executive institutions in the geographical scope as first priority and in the State scope through liking the different offices by the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology.